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The Gut-Brain Connection: The Latest Research & Practical Approaches to Treatment
Webinar Summary:

What is the gut-brain connection? Have you ever felt a “pit in your stomach” when receiving unexpected news or experienced “butterflies” before a work presentation? If so, you’re feeling the impact of the gut-brain connection. You might not know it, but your brain and your gut are in constant communication with each other – and scientists are beginning to understand how that communication affects GI symptoms.

Webinar Topics:
  • Understand the anatomy & physiology of the gut-brain connection and its impact on GI symptoms

  • Review the latest research outlining the gut-brain connection

  • Review the best approach to the holistic treatment of the gut-brain connection including medications, behavioral interventions, and other approaches

  • Sameer Berry, MD

  • Mariah Corneille, Psy.D.