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Our Approach and Services

Experiencing the discomfort of hemorrhoids? Whether it's a tough case or a minor one, seeking treatment is essential as it can provide relief and prevent further progression. While creams may offer temporary relief, they often fail to address the underlying issue, making specialized treatment crucial for long-lasting results.

At New York Gastroenterology Associates (NYGA), we provide two effective non-surgical treatment options that promote the shrinkage and resolution of internal hemorrhoids, delivering lasting relief.

Infrared Coagulation (IRC)

An office-based procedure, IRC uses infrared light to reduce blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This procedure requires no patient preparation or anesthesia.


Performed in our endoscopy centers under anesthesia, HemWell™ uses an electric current to produce a natural chemical reaction that shrinks and ultimately resolves the hemorrhoid. This procedure is typically conducted in conjunction with a colonoscopy.

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