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COVID-19: What do I Need to Know Right Now to Stay Safe: The Vaccine, Delta Variant and Boost Shots
Webinar Summary:

The FDA and CDC have just issued recommendations regarding booster shots in people with various forms of immunosuppression, raising a number of critical emerging issues.


Topics discussed: 

  • The current effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines months after vaccination
  • Breakthrough infections in people previously vaccinated
  • The emergence of the Delta variant and how will it effect us
  • Booster shots: Should I get one?


Dr. Kornbluth and his colleagues at New York Gastroenterology Associates have extensive experience in treating patients with gastrointestinal issues related to COVID-19. Dr. Kornbluth is an internationally recognized expert on the topic of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. He has lectured to physicians and patients in the USA as well as internationally since the pandemic began. He has published widely read articles in the medical literature on the management of patients with COVID-19, and has participated on international panels creating guidelines for COVID-19 infection and vaccination for maximum effectiveness and safety. Currently, he and his colleagues are conducting research analyzing the frequency and severity of breakthrough infections in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.