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What is the purpose of liver elastography?

Liver elastography is a test to assess the different degrees of liver scarring (fibrosis) and fat build-up in the liver, which may lead to various liver diseases.  

The test is recommended to assess common symptoms of liver disease.

How is liver elastography performed?
  • The patient will lie flat on the examination table as the sonographer passes the scanning wand over the upper right abdominal area, right under the ribs.
  • The imaging wand emits several pulses directly into the liver, calculating the rate at which the ultrasound waves pass through the liver tissue.
  • The test typically takes 15 minutes or less to conduct.
What preparation is required for liver elastography?

You should not eat for four hours before the liver elastography.

What can I expect following liver elastography?

Liver elastography results are typically available shortly after the test.  The hepatologist will discuss the results with you.  Depending on the findings, you may require further investigations or modifications to your treatment plan.

Where is liver elastography performed?

Liver elastography is performed in the office.