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What is a gastroenterology consultation?

A gastroenterology consultation is a meeting between you and one of our gastroenterologists, either in person or by video. You will describe your issue in detail, we will ask you questions, and we may do a physical examination. Based on our assessment, we will make recommendations, which may include medications, testing (e.g., labs, procedures), or other specialist referrals. We will schedule you for a follow-up consultation as appropriate. 

When should I have a gastroenterology consultation?

Patients typically seek a GI consultation at the advice of their primary care physician when they have symptoms such as ongoing abdominal pain or a change in bowel habits, or when they are due for a screening colonoscopy. They can also be arranged if you would like to get a second opinion about a diagnosis or care recommendation you’ve received from another healthcare practitioner.

Second Opinions: Are they a good idea?

We believe getting a second option is a good idea in many cases. Some patients are reluctant to seek second opinions, but in fact, doctors expect them. This is especially true if you have received a serious diagnosis, or if you are facing surgery or a complicated treatment program. Prior to your second opinion consultation, you should have any previous test results forwarded. When needed, we may also perform our own tests and examinations. Once we have all the results, we can provide you with an independent evaluation and care recommendation.

Can I bring a family member to my consultation appointment?

We strongly recommend having a family member or loved one attend your consultation. Having a trusted person accompany you can help overcome any concerns or nervousness. Also, having someone with you can help if you have a lot of questions and want to make sure they are all covered, or if you want someone available to listen or take notes.

What happens after the consultation?

This depends on the individual circumstances. In some instances, a GI consultation will be a one-time visit, where we render an opinion and recommendation and you return to your primary provider. In other situations (e.g., chronic GI diseases), we will provide you with on-going care. In others, we will see you next when we perform a procedure for you, or to discuss the results of a test.