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Women’s Gut Health (What You Need to Know)Blog

Understanding gut health is essential for everyone, but it has unique implications for women due to specific physiological and hormonal factors. Keep reading to learn more about maintaining women’s gut health, focusing on preventive measures, and addressing common gastrointestinal symptoms that affect women disproportionately.

Preventative Measures for Optimal Women’s Digestive Health

1. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies 

A colorful diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides essential fibers and nutrients that support healthy gut flora. Whole grains are also a great source of fiber that helps regulate your digestive system. Gut health starts with your diet—following a healthy approach is key to optimal digestive health.

At New York Gastrointestinal Associates, we offer nutrition counseling and work with your doctor to develop personalized dietary plans that complement your treatment and help alleviate symptoms.

2. Minimize red meat and processed meat

Reducing red meat consumption can decrease the risk of developing certain types of colon cancer and help maintain a healthier gut environment. Consider lean meats (like chicken or fish) as alternatives.

3. No alcohol or limited alcohol 

Alcohol can disrupt your digestive system and alter your gut microbiome. For optimal gut health, it’s advisable to avoid alcohol or consume it in moderation.

4. No smoking

Smoking is detrimental not only to your lungs but also to your digestive health. It increases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and can disrupt the balance of your gut flora.

5. Minimize antibiotics (use only when necessary) 

Many patients ask us how to restore gut health after antibiotics. The truth is that antibiotics can be life-saving, but they also harm beneficial gut bacteria. Use them only when prescribed by a healthcare provider and necessary for treatment. Rebuilding your gut flora after antibiotic treatment is a good idea. Incorporating fermented foods like yogurt and kefir and considering a medical professional’s advice on probiotics can aid in this recovery process.

6. Pregnancy protocols & gut health

Opting for a vaginal delivery and breastfeeding can significantly benefit the gut microbiome of your newborn. These natural processes help in transferring beneficial bacteria from mother to baby, setting a foundation for better future health.

7. Get colon cancer screenings 

Regular screenings for colon cancer are vital. They are the most effective way to monitor and maintain gut health, catching potential problems before they develop further.

“Colon cancer screening is the #1 way to keep your gut healthy”—NYGA Doctors

If you are 45 or over (or experiencing symptoms), don’t wait—book a screening colonoscopy.

8. Address common women’s GI symptoms 

Women commonly experience GI symptoms (at a rate 2x higher than men) such as IBS, gallbladder disease, hemorrhoids, and constipation. It's important to recognize these and seek appropriate treatment rather than suffering in silence.

9. Review your supplements (prebiotics & probiotics) 

While supplements are widely marketed, especially on social media platforms, it’s important to know that not all supplements are beneficial or evidence-based. Focus on obtaining nutrients from a balanced diet and consult healthcare professionals about any supplements you consider.

10. Consult a women’s health specialist

In the United States, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders are prevalent and disproportionately affect women. The gastrointestinal tract functions distinctively in women compared to men, leading to varying symptoms of gastrointestinal issues between the genders. This variation poses challenges in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating gastrointestinal diseases and disorders in women.

If you experience any persistent symptoms or discomfort, consulting with a women’s digestive health specialist is crucial.

 “Come talk to us if you are having symptoms. Our team of women’s digestive health specialists, run by women, is here to help you. You may have been told you have digestive issues and there is nothing you can do to treat it, but there are options.” —NYGA Doctors

Women's digestive health is a complex, vital area that should not be overlooked.

Our dedicated team of NYC gastroenterologists and dietitians who specialize in addressing the distinct needs of women are here to help you. We collaborate with experts from diverse fields like gynecology, urology, surgery, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and mental health for comprehensive patient-focused care.

Don't wait – prioritize your health today.